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  • Education
  • GOEDENDOELENWINKEL NEDERWEERT ORGANISATION in Netherland for Sponsoring this Street art Project for Kids.

Our Projects

  • Education

    Education is a major problem in the area especially with kids. Due to this, most of the kids engage themselves in fishing activities instead of going to school. Most of the people living in the area are not financially fit hence the difficulty to send the kids to school.

  • Skill Training

    Everyone needs a job to depend on for survival. With the huge number of youth who did not get the opportunity to go to school due to financial constraints. AFC offers Skill Training to these deprived youth in Kente weaving, sewing etc. as a way of giving them hope for the future.

    AFC employ them after graduation, buy their produce and put them at our shop for sale to help the operations of the foundation.

  • Health

    We say healthy people, healthy lives. K.E.E.A is far behind when it comes to health issues. This calls for all stakeholders to get involved. As part of AFC's programs we try to educate people on better healthy living, organize health screening as our token to help better these health issues in the metropolis.

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructures in communities are sometimes nothing to write home about. We can talk of play grounds, toilets etc. AFC tries to help in these areas where necessary by painting community schools, building play grounds for kids, putting up mini-library for kids etc. .

  • Organic Farming

    Most of the foods we eat are contaminated due to all sorts of chemicals being used. AFC engages in pure organic farm produce. We also sensitize the local farmers on the need for and the benefits in organic farming practices. Join us together with the local farmers champion the growing of organic foods. .

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Action for Compassion Ghana Foundation is a Non- profit organization created to support and send needy children to school, advocate on healthy living, build infrastructure, impart skills to deprived youth as well as engaging in organic farming.

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